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Here at Jerusalem Choirs Center we teach singing at the highest professional level and in the most enjoyable way.

We provide students with solfège lessons, vocal pedagogy sessions, choral lessons and extensive all-around knowledge of music. During which the students will take part in numerous performances on selected stages throughout the country, participate in festivals and collaborate with the best musicians in Israel.

Today there are five choirs:

three children, one teen and one women's choirs.


artistic director


Welcome to our site.
Ever since I remember myself, music has filled my entire world.
Over the years I have acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience as a pianist, singer, conductor and music arranger. I immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union (Ukraine today) in 1990, I've since raised a wonderful family here together with my dear husband, and in 2003 we decided to reside in Jerusalem. Here, I received my second degree from the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance and continued my professional work in music.

After 30 years of personal development in the field, I felt ready to pass on my knowledge and spread the passion for music to as many people as possible. As of 2017 I have fulfilled my dream and established the JCC association.

Zinaida Gladun


We believe that singing paves the way to one's soul.
Singing in a choir is a mutual experience that teaches us caring, friendship and giving,

helping us make the world an ever so slightly, better place.



Teens & children choirs,  Bar- Cafe  |   18:00   |   20.5.21

End of year concert, Ziv high school   |  18:30 |  17.6.21 

Teens & children choirs,  Bar- Cafe  |   17:00   |   2.7.21

Collage women choir, Bar- Cafe   |   19:30   |   28.7.21




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Music belongs to all of us. 

At JCC we hold that everyone has the right to experience and pursue the passion of music,

regardless of socio-economic background.

With your support, we can continue to promote musicophiles, provide additional hours of study, expand our talented teaching staff, supplement our students with quality musical instruments, participate in festivals around the world

and ultimately build a home, here in Jerusalem.



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